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On the occasion of the Inaugural Mozarteum Hellas Reception in Ecali Club on 2nd May 2019, Mrs Gabriele Ramsauer, Director Museums, Mozarteum presented exclusively to Mozarteum Hellas members the Costa Violin.

Mrs Evgenia Votanopoulou, President of Mozarteum Hellas, welcomed the participants and presented the goals and plans of Mozarteum Hellas, to raise awareness about Mozart music and to advance classical music among others.    At the end of her address, she presented two plaques to Dr Tobias Debuch, General Manager of Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation and Mrs Gabriele Ramsauer, Director Museums, Mozarteum to honour and thank them for their contribution to classical music.

Mozart’s Costa violin has only traveled to eight countries and for the first time came in Greece.

On 17 June 2019 Mozarteum Hellas became Member of the Association International Mozarteum Foundation.

On the occasion of the completion of the pilot programme 2019 Summer Music Academy a concert was held at Ecali Club on 15 July 2019 

Mozarteum Hellas held its first Annual General Meeting on Monday 27 January 2020 and elected the first Board of Directors.

On Monday 13 July 2020 the first Mozarteum Hellas Summer Concert was held with the presence of the Ambassador of Austria, Mrs Hermine Poppeller, the Ambassador of Chile, Mrs Ximena Ares, the Ambassador of Canada, Mr Mark Allen.

In the framework of its virtual 2021 Annual General Meeting held on 15 February 2021, Mozarteum Hellas presented for the first time in Greece, the newly found Mozart’s musical masterpiece “94 Seconds”.

For the first time Mozarteum Hellas participated in the 2021 Austrian-Greek Music Summer organised by the Austrian Embassy in Greece. Two concerts of the program were under the auspices of Mozarteum Hellas namely the 30th Nafplion Festival (15 July 2021) and the 21st International Pelion Festival (19 July 2021).

Mozarteum Hellas hosted its annual Summer Concert on 21 July 2021. Evgenia Votanopoulou, President of Mozarteum Hellas, performed for the first time in Greece the new acquired 94 Seconds of New Mozart – The Allegro in D major for Piano, K. 626b/16.

Guests enjoyed a unique concert organised on 16 December 2021 by Athens International Airport under the auspices of the International Mozarteum Foundation and Mozarteum Hellas. The concert was conducted by the principal second violinist of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Prof. Tibor Kovac, soloist the President of Mozarteum Hellas Evgenia Votanopoulou.

On the 17th  of January 2022 the Annual General Meeting and Conference of Mozarteum Hellas were held in a hybrid format. Mozarteum Hellas bestowed H.E. Hermine Poppeller, Ambassador of Austria in Greece with an appreciation plaque.

On 21st May 2022 the  Grassi-Medaillon & Posch-Medallion were presented in an exclusive event to Mozarteum Hellas members. These two objects had never been put before on display outside the museums in Salzburg. The Grassi-Medaillon is one of the most valuable pieces, as it is one of the few (and last) portraits giving an authentic impression of how Mozart looked like. On the other hand, the “Posch-Medallion” has become one of the most famous “idealized” images of the composer ever created.

The 2022 Mozarteum Hellas Summer concert was held in Ecali Club on Friday 27 May 2022

Mozarteum Hellas participated in the 2022 Austrian-Greek Music Summer organised by the Austrian Embassy in Athens. Zagora/ Pilion (24 July 2022)  and Kifissia Municipality (25 July 2022) welcomed the distinguished pianist Florian Podgoreanu, Universität Mozarteum Salzburg and violinist Nina Patrikidou, Vice President Mozarteum Hellas.

Mozarteum Hellas organised on 30 August 2022 in the magnificent atmosphere of the medieval Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. Nina Patrikidou and Evgenia Votanopoulou performed an array of classical sonatas.

On Saturday 11th of March 2023 the Annual General Meeting and Conference of Mozarteum Hellas was held  in the Culture Centre of the Greek Church. Rainer Heneis, CEO, International Mozarteum Foundation delivered the keynote address. Mozarteum Hellas bestowed Mr Heneis with an appreciation plaque for his contribution to Mozarteum Hellas. The event concluded with a concert of the Youth and Kids orchestra of Nina Patrikidou (Vice President of Mozarteum Hellas).

On Saturday 8 April 2023 Mozarteum Hellas and Mozartgemeide Wien, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Athens aiming at strengthening cooperation and exchange of ideas.

On Monday 22nd May 2023 Mozarteum Hellas members and the Ambassadors of Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and Türkiye had the unique opportunity to see in an exclusive event Mozart’s Autograph K. 590b presented by Linus Klumpner, Director Mozart-Museums, International Mozarteum Foundation. The guests had the opportunity to listen to the K. 590b performed by Mozarteum Hellas President Mrs Votanopoulou. Finally, Mrs Votanopoulou presented a plaque as a token of appreciation to Mr Linus for his contribution to Mozarteum Hellas.

Mozarteum Hellas participated in the 2023 Austrian-Greek Music Summer organised by the Austrian Embassy in Athens Marathon Municipality (13 July 2023) and Kifissia Municipality (18 July 2023) welcomed the distinguished pianist Evgenia Votanopoulou, President Mozarteum Hellas and violinist Dr Anja Morgenstern, International Mozarteum Foundation.

Mozarteum Hellas organised on 28 August 2023 an event in the Ancient Theater of Lindos, Rhodes – Agios Stefanos Square, Evgenia Votanopoulou, President Mozarteum Hellas and violinist Nina Patrikidou, Vice President Mozarteum Hellas performed an array of classical pieces.

Mozarteum Hellas in cooperation with Mozartgemeide Wien organised 29 August 2023 an impressive classical music concert at the Museum of Modern Greek Art of Rhodes in the New Wing of Nestorideio Melathron.

On Sunday 24 September 2023 Mozart΄s Costa Violin was presented in public for the first time in Greece and played in an open air concert. The event was co-organized by the Honorary Consulate of Austria in the Dodecanese, Mozarteum Hellas, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Dodecanese, the Region of South Aegean, the Municipality of Rhodes and DOPAR, in collaboration with the International Mozarteum Foundation of Austria in the framework of the European Heritage Days.  The Ambassador of Austria in Greece, H.E. Gerda Vogl, was present at the event and said: “The concert was magical. It is one of the things that you would like to see and listen to once in your life!”. The violin was presented by the Director of the Mozart-Museums of the International Mozarteum Foundation, Linus Klumpner, who stressed that “In fact, there is no way to get close to the authentic sound of Mozart’s music other than listening to his music performed on his personal instruments – it is a unique and moving experience.” This was followed by a special concert of works by Wolfgang Amadé Mozart with Dr. Anja Morgenstern on Mozart’s violin, violinist and Mrs. Evgenia Votanopoulou on the piano. Finally, Vice President of Mozarteum Hellas, Nina Patrikidou became the first Greek violinist to perform the violin.

Mozarteum Hellas in cooperation with Mozarteum University of Salzburg and under the auspices of the Austrian Embassy in Greece organised from 6 to 9 November 2023 for the first time Masterclasses for violin and piano that took place over four days in two different venues of the Philippos Nakas Conservatory.

Mozarteum Hellas held on Wednesday 10 January 2024 the 2024 Mozarteum Hellas Annual General Meeting and elected its new Board of Directors. The Ambassador of Austria, H.E.  Gerda Vogl delivered a keynote address.