Special Presentation of International Mozarteum Foundation in Greece: The Grassi-Medaillon & the Posch-Medallion

The  Grassi-Medaillon & Posch-Medallion were presented in an exclusive event on Saturday 21 May in Athens, Greece to Hermes and Mozarteum Hellas members.


These two objects had never been put before on display outside the museums in Salzburg.


The Grassi-Medaillon is one of the most valuable pieces, as it is one of the few (and last) portraits giving an authentic impression of how Mozart looked like.


On the other hand,  the “Posch-Medallion” has become one of the most famous “idealized” images of the composer ever created.


Put together, as a pair these two delicate objects give a wonderful impression of how the Mozart-iconography developed within only a couple of years.


Further, as the Grassi-Medaillon is mounted on Mozart´s tabatiere, this object is a rare example of the few remaining personal belongings of the great composer.


In his presentation Mr Linus Klumpner, Director Mozart Museums, International Stiftung Mozarteum said: “On behalf of the International Mozarteum Foundation I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Mozarteum Hellas for organizing this event. The presentation of these two ​particular fine objects gave the unique opportunity to offer an exclusive insight into the thrilling and vast field of Mozart-Iconography – for a cercle of people who are particularly interested in discovering the life and oeuvre of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart.”


H.E. Hermine Poppeller, Ambassador of Austria in Greece: “A great thank to Mozarteum Hellas for making this event possible and giving us the opportunity to have these two invaluable objects in Greece and of course I would like to express my gratitude to Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation for making not only the  music of Mozart Amadeus Mozart but also his life and his personality accessible to all people and generations“


“This is a unique day for Mozarteum Hellas and for its cooperation with Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation as we welcome two objects exhibited for the first time outside the Mozarteum museums. For Mozarteum Hellas the Posch-Medallion has also a significant importance as our logo is inspired by that” said Mrs Evgenia Votanopoulou, President of Mozarteum Hellas.


“Today we are thrilled to present two objects of Mozart, i.e. the  Grassi-Medaillon and the Posch-Medallion to our members. During the 2019 Hermes Leaders Forum the participants witnessed the signature of the MoU between Hermes and Mozarteum Foundation (SMF). Under this MoU, the two organizations established a long term partnership” added Dr Kostas Iatrou, Director General, Hermes – Air Transport Organisation.