Mozarteum Hellas, Member of The Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation, in the framework of its Annual Conference, presented for the first time in Greece, the newly found Mozart’s musical masterpiece “94 Seconds”

On the 15th of February 2021 has been, virtually held, the Annual General Meeting and Conference of Mozarteum Hellas. In the framework of the event, prepared under the auspices of the Austrian Embassy in Greece and The Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation, has been presented for the first time in Greece, the newly found Mozart’s musical masterpiece “94 Seconds” which last only 94 seconds and has been recently acquired by the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation.

You can see the presentation and listen to “94 seconds” at the link below:

 Η. Ε. Hermine Poppeller, Ambassador of Austria in Greece has mentioned during her Welcome Address: 

“I was very pleased that Mozarteum Hellas was able to organize the Annual Meeting in an online event with the participation of the CEO of Mozarteum Salzburg Dr. Debuch and the Ηead of the Research Department at the Mozarteum Salzburg, Dr. Leisinger. 

The presentation of Mozart’s newly found piece “94 Seconds” was a very special moment. The Austrian Embassy is pleased to continue to cooperate with Mozarteum Hellas and we all hope that some cultural events can take place live again in 2021.” 

Dr. Tobias Debuch, CEO of The Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation, has highlighted during his Keynote Address:

“It is a great pleasure for the Mozarteum Foundation to see such a fruitful relationship growing with Mozarteum Hellas. My thanks to President Evgenia Votanopoulou for her valuable work in establishing Mozarteum Hellas in Greece. Congratulations on the enthusiasm and commitment demonstrated in the fantastic musical projects that have so quickly built a bridge between Salzburg and Athens. Especially in these difficult times, the fascination of Mozart and his music bring strength and light to many people. We look forward to cultivating a close bond with Mozarteum Hellas, and we express our sincere thanks to Ambassador Hermine Poppeller and Kostas Iatrou for their wonderful support.” 

Dr. Ulrich Leisinger, Head of the Research Department of The Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation has presented Mozart’s musical piece “94 seconds”.

The President of the Mozarteum Hellas Evgenia Votanopoulou, has highlighted during her Welcome Speech:

“We need to focus on culture and music more than ever. We need the power of music more than ever and it is truly remarkable how much power, joy and light exist in only 94 seconds of Mozart’s music!”

Mozarteum Hellas has been established on March 2019 and in June 2019 became a member of The International  Mozart Communities.

Mozarteum Hellas has established the following goals:

Α. Fostering classical music in Greece

Β. Fostering and disseminating Mozart’s music heritage

C. Organizing lectures, seminars, conferences, recitals, concert performances, workshops, music events related to Mozart’s work and to other composers.

D. Creating and maintaining an archive of Mozart performances in Greece.

E. Collaborating closely with The Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation and its branches in other countries as a member of the International Mozart Communities with active participation in its various projects and activities. Such projects will have multiplying effects of synergy and networking.

F. Another important aspect of our aims is to advance music education in Greece. We want not only to make music education more visible in Greece but also to help and empower young talents and aspiring music professionals to strengthen their competences and capacities through scholarships and exchange programs.