Mozarteum Hellas held its first Annual General Meeting and elected its new Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting of Mozarteum Hellas members held on Monday 27th January and during its proceedings the new Board of Directors was elected unanimously from its members for the period 2020-2023.

The President of Mozarteum Hellas, Evgenia Votanopoulou said that after the first successful year since its establishment and its working closely with Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg, the target of the organization for the next four years is to familiarize the wider Greek public with the work of Mozart and and make known Mozarteum Hellas.

The New Board strategy includes more  liaisons with Greek classical music community through the organization of  concerts, seminars and scholarships.

Mrs Chara – Helene Mitsotaki is the new Board Member and her role will focus on the Public Relations and Communication of Mozarteum Hellas.

Mrs Ch. Mitsotaki said: “The Stiftung Mozarteum Saltzburg is an international Music Foundation with high reputation & prestige among the millions of lovers of Mozart and classical music worldwide.

Working for almost twenty years in the field of curating & organizing cultural exhibitions & events in a public space as the Athens Airport, I am strongly convinced that, through culture & the fine arts, the world is connected and, dare to say, is getting a better place to live.

It is an honor for me to join forces with the Mozarteum Hellas for the further familiarization of the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Greece and bridge the Austrian tradition with the Greek culture and history.”


The new Board of Directors is as following:

-Evgenia Votanopoulou, President

-Nina Patrikidou, Vice President

-Dr Kostas Iatrou, Secretary General

-Panagiota Votanopoulou, Treasurer

-Chara – Helene Mitsotaki, PR and Communication


At the end of the AGM the Vasilopita (New Year Cake)  was cut with Litsa Anagnostaki getting the flouri (coin),

Finally after the AGM  a  concert was held in commemoration of the birthday of Mozart with Mrs Evgenia Votanopoulou playing the piano and Mrs Patrikidou the violin.